Why Footer Pro?

Wonderful question. Let's break it down.

Every website should have a footer. Footers are one of the few website elements people have come to expect on every website, on every page.

Footers can be as rich and helpful to someone's experience on a website, as you make it.

The trouble is, making quality footers can be quite difficult. You can settle for the default single line copyright footer, but is that really helpful to visitors? Footers can get away with something site navigation cannot, having a lot of helpful page links.

Now sure, you could use your favorite UI site editor to cobble a decent footer together, but we both know, even then, custom footers can still be rough.

I've made countless website footers in a decade of running an independant software / front-end / web design company, and wanted to solve the unqiue challenges of footer production. Business owners and web designers, I give you Footer Pro.

Nick Cates Design